Yesterday was spent soldering up two circuits, the pull-down circuit for the anemometer, and the final board for the seatalk1 gateway.

The anemometer eats 5v, and have two data pins coming back. Rob42 made an example schematic that I used. I hotglued the circuit into a small project box, cut holes for p1/p2/+5v, and that was it. This will replace a rather brittle breadboard implementeting that have been in use up until now. Looking forward to testing it as soon as weather permits.

The seatalk1 gateway is progressing. In fairness it is just a level shifter, but the idea is to package it up so I get everything into a mountable package. USB with serial/nmea0183 on the one side, and a half-decent seatalk1 implementation on the other side. I'm using a Arduino Nano v3.0 for the microcontroller, since it has USB in place, has a nice form factor, and is easy to program. Problem with that is that it has only one UART, and that is already tied up with FTDI/USB, so I'll try with AltSoftSerial initially. Seatalk1 is just 4800 baud, so it shouldn't be a problem.